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3 Natural beauty tips for healthy skin

Beautiful skin is one among the foremost engaging indicators of beauty and youth. Good sleep, many water and stress free life square measure a number of the foremost basic and vital ingredients of young and delightful look. And yea, healthy consumption is additionally crucial!

3 Natural beauty tips for healthy skin

Our face and our hands square measure 2 notably vital (and visible to everyone) areas on our body that mirror our overall health and upbeat.

So, nowadays we are going to observe three straightforward, yet great, secrets on a way to keep the skin of our face, hands and therefore the whole body stunning and healthy:

1) Morning beauty ritual for your FACE

Some people love using ice cubes on their face every morning to freshen and rejuvenate the skin. This ritual is great, but it can be a little harsh, especially for sensitive and redness prone skin. So, here is an alternative way to do it: simply wipe your face in the morning with cold raw milk. 

You can also mix the milk with cucumber juice and wipe your face with it using a cotton ball. Rinse your face with cold water once you are done. Not only it will instantly freshen your face, but also, it will help cleanse your skin and improve your skin tone, leaving your face extremely soft, glowing and fresh.

2) Use coffee for the beauty of your HANDS

Yes, simple coffee that you drink every day can be used for skin care. Why coffee? Well, coffee grounds are a natural exfoliator. Exfoliation removes dead, dry skin cells from skin surface and boosts natural skin renewal process, making your skin look healthy and glowing.

Here is a good beauty recipe: mix coffee grounds (from your morning coffee) with olive oil (or any other oil of your choice; avoid using petroleum based oils and give your preference to natural ingredients) and massage your hands with this homemade hand scrub for a couple of minutes, use the same circular motions as those you do while applying your hand cream. Rinse your hands with lukewarm water. 

Your hands will feel very soft and tender. If you do this twice a week, your hands will look wonderful!

3) Wonderful natural BODY scrub recipe

And, finally, here is a recipe of simple, wonderful, homemade body scrub: mix 2 tablespoons of used coffee grounds, 1 tablespoon of sugar and 4 tablespoons of olive oil. Massage your body with this scrub while in the shower, applying it in circular motions; especially concentrate on the areas with cellulite, on your legs and on dry areas of your body. 

You will notice an amazing difference on how this scrub will make your skin look and feel – soft, tender and velvety!

I hope you find these natural beauty secrets useful.
Please, share your own tips and tricks on how to get beautiful and healthy skin in the comment section below.

Stay beautiful!

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